About the studios

Lamajeure is a sound recording studio specialized in advertising, post-production and Voice Over recording. Located in downtown Montreal, we provide full services including ADR, ISDN bridge, DubStudio and French adaptation for TV spots with full casting and booking services. We closed caption in French and English, create the final master, and distribute the spots to the broadcasters across Canada.

Equipped with the latest technology in digital transmission (ISDN bridge, Fiber Optical Internet, Source Connect), we can connect with any studio in the world. We offer four studios with individual lounges for your comfort and privacy, along with video transfer and editing.

Our friendly bilingual staff has the experience in handling international productions to ensure the highest quality for your projects.

For booking inquiries contact:

ISDN Numbers


APT-X Line 1

514.871.8102 + 514.871.8807

APT-X Line 2

514.871.2399 + 514.871.8244

Telos Line 1

514.871.1350 + 514.871.1365

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