Music for Anna

The music for Anna, a crime-thriller film to be released in October 2015; was composed by our talented colleague, Michel Corriveau, and mixed at Lamajeure by Sylvain Lefebvre.

The movie’s storyline is gripping: while reporting on human trafficking in Asia; Anna, a photojournalist from Montreal, is kidnapped and lives through these horrors herself. Anna is a tribute to photography- as a medium capable of depicting difficult events; and connecting with the viewer to tell a profound and complex story. The soundtrack, throughout the movie, is paramount in bringing the action to life.

Anna was directed by Charles-Olivier Michaud and stars Anna Mouglalis, Pascale Bussieres and Xiao Sun.

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APT-X Ligne 1 / Telos 1

1 514 871 2399 + 1 514 871 8244

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1 514 871 1350 + 1 514 871 1365

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