Art Director/Composer

Composer, producer, sound designer and mixer, Maxime finds his way trough all the possibilities his work offers. Always looking for ways to help elevate the narrative, he teams up with his expertise and creative touch to surprise and leave you in awe. With an endless curiosity, he makes it his purpose to be in the know of what’s In and of the new techniques used to get there. Don’t be fooled by his «baby face»: his experience comes from; the musical composition of over 100 tv spots, many tv series soundtracks, studies in electroacoustic and music composition and the Artisan Crea for Original music composition 2015.

ISDN Numbers


APT-X Ligne 1 / Telos 1

1 514 871 2399 + 1 514 871 8244

APT-X Ligne 2 / Telos 2

1 514 871 1350 + 1 514 871 1365

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